St Francis Ginger 60 capsules

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Prevents nausea and vomiting. Great for pregnant women and also those affected by motion sickness/seasickness. Brings relief to a range of digestive disturbances Expectorant and antitussive to help relieve bronchitis, as well as coughs and colds Relieves cramping. High potency 5:1 concentrated extract. Convenient capsule form. Who It’s For: Adults, adolescents, and children 6 and over Use For: Digestive disturbances, prevention of nausea and vomiting; upset stomach or other digestive disturbances. How It Works: Ginger has been used for millennia both as a food and as a medicine in virtually all major traditional systems of medicine as a warming, digestive stimulant that relieves spastic conditions of the intestines, colic, gas, bloating, and indigestion.Herbalist Christopher Hobbs considers it one of the best remedies for stomach or intestinal spasms, which are often the result of an overactive sympathetic nervous system due to stress. Also, there has been a lot of modern research done on its ability to reduce nausea, with one meta-analysis finding that ginger was more effective than placebo in 5 out of 6 studies examined. As well, naturopathic practitioners have used it to reduce anxiety. Which makes ginger truly a gift from the ages for the ages.


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