Acropolis Organics Balsamic Glaze 200 ml

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Balsamic glazes are full of syrupy goodness with Petimezi - Greek pronunciation: peh-tee-MEH-zee– a traditional recipe for molasses that is prepared by boiling down the juice of grapes that have been ripened to perfection.

Balsamic glazes are naturally dessert-licious and diet-friendly, unlike sugary jams and jellies. Making it easy to satisfy your sweet-tooth-cravings with just the right amount of umami flavours. 

With a rich and fruity zing that gives a boost of deliciousness to both sweet and savory dishes, Acropolis Organics Balsamic Glaze will take your taste buds to a whole new level. (As if your whole mouth is dancing!)

  • Free of artificial additives & pectins
  • Free of corn syrup & thickeners
  • 100% organic

Balsamic vinegar is aged in oak barrels for six years, ensuring they get better and better with time.


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