Bio-Strath Elixir 250 ml




Strath herbal yeast for: Children and adults, pregnant women and breastfeeding, mothers, students and professionals, athletes, senior citizens. A balanced, wholesome diet is important in order to be able to meet the varied demands of everyday life and stay healthy. Strath Original herbal yeast is particularly suitable as a useful supplement to the daily diet. The food supplement contains over 60 entirely natural vital substances and is suitable for people of any age. If the diet is low in vital substances, Strath Original supplements meals with valuable ingredients. In addition, Strath Original improves the overall uptake of vital substances derived from the diet or other products. DosageIngredients: Plasmolysed herbal yeast 83 % (plasmolysed yeast, fructose, dextrose, herbal mixture), malt extract from barley 9 %, orange syrup 5 % (sugar, water, orange juice from concentrate), honey 3 %. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 25 °C and consume within 6 months after opening. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and well-balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. lactose-free, vegetarian, kosher2 – 3 × daily 1 teaspoon (5ml) before meals, either neat, with milk, mixed with fruit or vegetable juice. Children: half the dose. Children: half the dose.Strath Original can supplement the diet naturally all year round. A course treatment over a longer period is also advisable in the event of increased requirement and is safe to take. It may be combined at any time with other specific vital substance products and food supplements.

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