Clef Des Champs Sirop Plantain Syrup 100 ml


Clef Des Champs


Plantain: soothes inflammation and irritation of the respiratory tract lining. Plantain protects the bronchi, helps them heal and calms dry cough caused by irritation and dryness of the bronchi. As an expectorant, it helps move catarrh from the airways and relieves loose cough. Marshmallow: the mucilage in marshmallow root is emollient. It reduces irritation and inflammation of the mucus membranes, particularly in the bronchi. Nourishing and tonic, marshmallow is especially useful for dry cough. It soothes and hydrates the lining of the upper respiratory tract, relieves cough and stimulates phagocytosis.

Echinacea: the root acts on two fronts. On one hand, it increases the immune response during an infection. On the other hand, it is antimicrobial and contributes to the elimination of bacteria and viruses. Echinacea is used to treat all types of infections, from the flu to respiratory tract afflictions to ear-nose-throat problems. The syrup contains a combination of E.purpurea and E.angustifolia thereby benefiting from their complementary effects. Mullein: tones and strengthens the lungs and promotes the health of the respiratory tract. It is used for all affections of the respiratory tract, as well as to calm irritation and inflammation of the bronchi. Mullein is expectorant and reduces spasms that bring on coughing.

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