Curelle Build-Up Remover Hair Treatment 70 ml


Body Care

Choose Curelle's Build-Up Remover Treatment when you want to give extra attention to your hair and scalp, specifically the removal of impurities that can cause discolouration and impede hair follicle health. Curelle's Build-Up Remover Treatment gently removes agents that damage hair such as product residues or contaminants such as chemicals and metals found in water that are hard on the hair and scalp, including chlorine, copper, lead and medications. Freeing follicles from build-up and toxins improves overall scalp health, reduces itchiness, helps prevent dandruff, and contributes to cleaner feeling hair with more volume.

Be it from the shower or pool, getting your hair under refined water can result in impurities amassing in your hair. Copper, iron, chlorine and more can all be inside the water that graces your scalp. With these impurities come faded colour, split ends, an itchy scalp, and bad hair days. This build-up remover treatment from Curelle also improves colour clarity of hair, enabling hair dyes and perms to take more effectively. It is safe for bleached, coloured, and permed hair.

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