Eden Organic Genmaicha Green Tea with Brown Rice 16 bag



Early spring green tea leaves, organic sencha, and roasted organic short grain brown rice. The combination of flavors and aromas sparkle. Serve hot, chilled, or iced. Refreshing with a slice of citrus added. Antioxidant catechin health benefits. People and planet appropriate tea bags. Organic EDEN Genmaicha Tea is traditionally cured organic sencha green tea leaves and roasted organic brown rice. 'Genmai' means brown rice in Japan, and 'cha' means tea. Prized, young, tender spring leaves near the top of the bush are picked and immediately steamed and rubbed, then rubbed again after they are cool and dry. This uniquely preserves beneficial antioxidants and the chlorophyll of the leaves. Brown rice is roasted until golden, and coarsely ground. Genmaicha is a joy during any season, hot or chilled. It is especially good as iced tea, add some citrus! Delightful soothing sencha with roasted whole grain.

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