Eden Organic Sencha Green Tea 16 bags



EDEN Green Tea — hand-picked, tender, prized leaves of spring are immediately steamed and rubbed to prevent oxidation and capture its vital green antioxidant benefits. Forty-six years of organic methods have created living soil, happy plants, and deliciously authentic sencha green tea. Catalyze life, relations, and mental acuity. Soothe, Refresh, and Uplift. Reclosable standing pouch. Antioxidant catechin benefits comprise 40% of green tea’s dry weight. Organic EDEN Sencha Green Tea is only the tender leaves of spring. Handpicked, they are immediately steamed and rubbed to prevent oxidation from occurring. Soothing and uplifting sencha has the flavor of fresh tea leaves more than any other tea. Steaming and rubbing the leaves preserves beneficial antioxidants and the emerald green chlorophyll. That is what makes green tea special, but only if it is authentic, organically grown and handled as has the Nagata Co-op of Uji since 1974. Their skilled, artisan methods are essential in providing the experience green tea drinkers seek. When steeped, first the acidic components are released by the leaves, followed by the alkaloid elements. The two-step release is why green tea must be steeped for a few minutes. After a time, to maintain best taste, it is best to remove the tea bag from the cup before you finish enjoying it.

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