Element Botanicals Aches Away Mineral Bath 236 g

Element Botanicals

Body Care

Aches Away mineral bath treatment is designed to deeply soothe aches and pains with the addition of ground ginger and mustard which can absorb to help reduce inflammation, tension and strain while detoxifying and softening the skin. Ideal for arthritis, exertion, overworked and tired muscles, colds & flus. Key Elements: Ginger and Mustard: Two of the most powerful traditional herbal treatments to help increase circulation, oxygenation and the elimination of toxins. Soaking in a bath contributes to general well being by inducing the release of toxins via the skin (sweating) for detoxification and to encourage overall well being. Aromatherapy Blend: Featuring spearmint, sweet birch and clove to further support detoxification and relaxation. Mineral Salt Blend: Reduces inflammation of muscles and joints by providing bromide. Supportive of the nervous system, restores calcium balance through absorption, has an overall detoxifying effect on the body. 236ml/ 8oz recyclable plastic bottle

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