Innovite Inno-Q-Nol 100 mg 30 softgels



Innovites’ active and body-ready form of ubiquinol can be utilized without any conversion process. Active ubiquinol is highly effective for helping to reduce cellular oxidation. Human clinical studies have shown that when compared to standard CoQ10 supplements, ubiquinol is: 8x better absorbed in the bloodstream; reduces exercise-induced fatigue by 90%; and slows ageing by 40%. But, because of its nature, ubiquinol is also unstable and can easily be converted back into its oxidized form.
That’s where Inno-Q-Nol® becomes highly valuable. Inno-Q-Nol features a patented process to help shield stability against oxidation. This involves a three-tier approach that keeps ubiquinol stable. It includes ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C) to stop internal oxidation, medium-chain triglycerides for overall stability, and annatto seed extract within the capsule to provide a neutralizing oxidative barrier that helps prevent external oxidation. 

Key Benefits:
Reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, boost energy levels
Provide antioxidant protection
Reduce oxidative stress
Blood sugar support
Respiratory function
Chronic fatigue
Muscle fatigue
Cognitive support (headaches)
Fertility health

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