Pilotsfriend Org Energy Drink 150 ml



Organic Fruit Tonic. All ingredients are easy to spell, and easy to read. Pilots Friend brings you the best of nature for well-being, vitality and performance. Pilots Friend combines natural long-lasting and easy to digest caffeine to provide steady energy. With the use of ingredients like yellow gentian lemon, chokeberries, ginger and cardamom, It also stimulates your appetite and aids natural digestion. PilotsFriend is a refreshing substitute for a post-meal coffee and the perfect alcohol-free aperitif or digestif. One drink with four main benefits Pilots Friend blends 14 natural ingredients. Each of our ingredients have been added for a purpose. The ingredients can be categorized into four groups based on their benefits. STIMULANTS - A varied, finely balanced assortment of caffeine derived from Cola nuts and Guarana seeds extracts. Both include natural and easily digestible caffeine for a total of 48mg, about 1/3 of caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee. DIGESTIVES - Digestive properties provided by Great yellow gentian, ginger and cardamom make Pilotsfriend a refreshing addition to a decadent meal and the perfect prelude to a night out on the town. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Anti-inflammatory properties present in Quinine, and Black carrot help soothe and cleanse the body, making our tonic the perfect pre- and post-workout beverage. IMMUNE BOOSTERS - Immune boost properties derived from antioxidants and vitamins present in apple, lemon, orange, cane sugar, acerola and chokeberry make Pilotsfriend an ideal drink to combat stress.

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